Knowing is
the Difference

When responding to & mitigating critical events.

Make clear decisions with Claris.

Built to provide access to video and data like never before and backed by an experienced team of networking, systems and security engineers, the Claris Platform is an interoperable viewing solution. It aggregates and delivers live streaming video and data, providing the key information to those who need it most to make clear decisions. From decision makers to the public, access and share live video streams and crucial information anywhere, anytime and through any device type. Ease into future technologies, and transition on your terms. Agile and flexible, the Claris Platform is imperative to making urgent decisions that impact lives.

Skyline’s Claris gives TDOT so much more flexibility in managing and sharing real-time video with partner agencies and the public. Having real-time video available on virtually any device is a significant enhancement for TDOT's video infrastructure and highway event management capabilities.

Michael Nichols, Sr. Project Manager
Tennessee Department of Transportation



Unlimited cameras & device types.


Current systems, cameras & hardware regardless of protocol or image quality.


Stream video & data between unlimited partners, across multiple networks & with third party applications.


Networks to video & data streams.


View & set permissions through the Claris Portal.