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This appliance normalizes IP video, regardless of compression, format, codec, frame rate or resolution, to a common video stream that is easy to transport and share.


This appliance distributes the normalized video streams accessible in the format required by the end device (Flash, RTMP, Http Live, RTSP and RTP), allowing the solution to support any device using their imbedded, native players. It also acts as network gateway, controlling access to the video streams while complying with agencies’ IT Security standards.

Stream Manager

This software application enables efficient and effective operation of the hardware appliances that make up your live video sharing. It automatically notifies admins of streaming issues and hardware condition. With Stream Manager, eliminate the need for costly and time consuming camera inspections and stream status checks.

Are you a camera operator managing an inventory of video streams and surveillance hardware? Stream manager enables and consolidates real-time stream/hardware status reports into an easy to use dashboard. Control stream location inputs and outputs with a click. Stream Manager expedites issue response from the convenience of your office.

Stream Manager provides API (application polling interface) capabilities allowing presentation applications to get real time information on the cameras in your system.


The appliance performs digital switching, allowing agencies with large numbers of cameras to provide access to every stream with a reduced amount of hardware.